Hand Writing Improvement courses


Anybody above 6 year

Benefits of taking this course:

Individual who is interested to improve his/her English hand writing in Cursive

Scoring more in exams with neat writing

A child cops up with the teacher’s speed in school

Improves concentration and confidance

Lifetime achievement of good hand writing

Chance for a career in writing Certificates, memo etc. once learnt Calligraphy with 35 styles

Best for Arts Careers like Fine arts, Interior Designing, Architecture, Art teacher in schools etc.


Cursive hand writing (10 +2)              12 class
Cursive hand writing + Hindi Dictation (10 +2)              14 class
Cursive hand writing + Drawing     (10 +2)              14 class
Calligraphy (above 10 years) (10 +2)            14 class